Monday, November 01, 2004

I'm so nervous I can barely eat

I'm really nervous about tomorrow. Confident, yes, but nervous nonetheless. More on this in the morning when it will totally take over my mind.

BIG NEWS: Interpol tickets at Hammerstein for both nights are still available! They must have released some more last minute. If you're itching to go, scoop them up quick! Anyone know who's opening for them the second night?

I got the New Kings of Leon album today...It's very good. Much much better than their last one, which I didn't really like at all. 'Milk' is my favorite song of the year. By far. I had heard it twice...once in Ireland back in June, and once a few weeks back at Bowery. It stuck to me like nothing else I had ever heard. Been dying to listen again. Breaks my heart every time I hear it. It'll be the theme song for this election I guess. Win or lose.

UPDATE:Here it is. Won't last long, so get it while you can. I love this song.

Kings of Leon - Milk (Right-Click, Save)


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