Monday, November 08, 2004

The Best

Great weekend. Got to hang out with an old buddy of mine from school who lives up there. Loafed around the city, hit up a handful of skanky bars, bought some highly recommended local music at Newbury Comics (more on that later). The highlight of the trip tho was getting to see Muse again. So amazing.

Got into Boston around 6. The opening band (supposed to be The Secret Machines but instead was some band called The Exit) was set to come on at 7, but we opted to skip them as not to rush back out.

So we took the T to a club called the Avalon, which is literally in the shadows of the Green Monster behind Fenway Park. I assume it’s the same Avalon as the ex-Limelight...same logo, etc. Place was nice...hard to compare to a NY club...but I guess it was the size of Irving Plaza...may have been smaller, couldn’t really tell. The stage seemed a little low, but other than that, it was a nice place.

Muse lived up to my expectations...which was to basically be the best show ever. The first time I saw them I was so blown away I couldn't focus on the specifics, just the overall energy. At Curiosa they were hindered by a short set and a lousy stage. They got a pass there. This time I got to really take in every detail of their show. I was more familiar with all of their songs, and I could listen for the changes better. Everything was just easier to follow. And they hit everything perfectly.

The big standout that night, however, was Bellamy’s voice. It’s amazing…great range, loud and powerful. To do what he does musically, PLUS to be able to sing that well simultaneously seems inhuman. Such a great set. Tomorrow should be a trip as well...assuming I get out of work on time. Interested to see the Zutons again too...they probably deserve another shot from me.

One other highlight of Boston: Fire and Ice for lunch on Saturday. $8 all you can eat Mongolian pick the raw food, buffet style, then they grill it up on this humungous round grill in the middle of the restaurant. And it tastes real good. Why there's nothing like this in NYC I have no idea. It was de-lish.

I stayed up there with a buddy of mine who burned me a bunch of MP3s of shit he listens to. I gotta check them out. He's got great taste in music. One band he gave me is fucking stellar, but they deserve their own post. Later.


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