Thursday, November 11, 2004

Slow day...getting better by the minute

Great news! For me, at least. I stumbled across somebody on Craigslist with an extra Magnetic Fields ticket for next Thursday! I'm very excited...Had pretty much given up on this show. I say this'll be one of the best of the year. Can't wait!

In sadder news...The Libertines look like they're about to officially break up. Somehow I don't think Pete will respond to this ultimatum.

Arcade Fire tickets have broken the $100 barrier. People...don't you see? Just goto the damn place, stand outside for a few hours, and sooner or later somebody will come by with an extra, or the bouncer will just let your shivering ass in for free. That's how it works...

There are till tickets available for the show at Gabe's in Iowa...All you filthy rich superfans with no foresight aughta just rent a van and drive out there. Sheesh.

And what's going on with Bright Eyes? How does something like this happen? I'm still convinced it's some sort of system glitch.

And speaking of whom...Little birdies tell me that Conor Oberst may be getting into some acting. Like movies and stuff. We'll see where this goes....

I'll check all you rich or lucky suckers tonight at the show! We'll see if The Delancey is in the cards for afterwards. Do they still charge $10 to get on the roof deck when it's like 20 degrees outside?


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