Thursday, November 18, 2004

Go Buzz...

I have a very specific memory of going on a class trip way back in like 5th grade. I have no idea where or what or even when, but we ended up in a theatre, and the last thing this guy giving the tour did was show us his laptop and say...

"In the future every band will have one of these on stage with them."

And with a click of a button, he played the intro for Michael Jackson's "The Way you Make Me Feel." And that was cool.

Well last night I guess the future was here. Laptop rock at it's finest. I hopped down to Mercury Lounge to catch the second night of the Morr Music tour's stop in NY. The place just reeked of Europe. The shampoo, the cologne, the accents...everything. Great little show they put together too. The Go Find was such a treat to see. Give the CD, 'Miami' to any current Postal Service fan, and they will be converted instantly. I swear.

Styrofoam went on next. Their sound is a lot more complicated than The Go Find, but it’s the same idea. In fact, it was the same people on stage. The only difference is that TGF is Dieter Sermeus' masterwork, while Styrofoam is created and (mostly) sung by Arne van Petegem. Similar styles, but both had their own thing going on. I guess all of the music was created on their own, then the others come out to help on stage. It works.

BTW, to all you xenophobe's out there...these guys all look very young and hip...not your father's Dieter and Arne in the slightest. They sing in English also. Very well and very eloquently.

Anyway, after them was the headliner, Lali Puna, who are more of a full band than the first two sets. (Basically they have a laptop AND a drummer...) They were solid, but near the end of the set my back was stiff from all the standing and I was getting kinda antsy, so I bounced...Great show overall, no doubt.

Tonight I'm heading back out, but I'll have a seat this time, thank god, for The Magnetic Fields at Carnegie Hall's Zenkel Hall. Looking forward to it.

(pic above via The Wicked)


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