Monday, December 06, 2004

This post's gonna be all over the place...

-Tonight Dear Leader is playing a showcase at Mercury Lounge @ 7:00. It's early, I know, but I can vouch for them to being a solid band with a great new CD out. If you're in the hood around then you should go check them out.

-Tomorrow I'm gonna try again to hit up Buck 65's residency at Sin-e. He'll be there for the next few Tuesdays, and is well worth a check.

-Wednesday, the KEXP fav Citizen Cope is playing Bowery Ballroom. I may go down and check him out if I'm in the mood. I've heard he puts on an excellent live show and I like what I've heard.

-The new Nas album is good, but not great. It sounds just like all his other post 'I am' shit to me. That Coon Picnic track is shocking and funny, but not very good as a song itself. I'll give the album more of a chance I'm sure, but it hasn't blown me away yet.

-Bob Dylan on 60 minutes was a treat. I thought it cool that he spoke about himself as a biographer would speak about his subject. He is able to still view himself so objectively, with complete awareness of who he is and what people think of him. I'm planning on reading Chronicles on the flight to LA.

-I literally spit a piece of papaya I was eating across my office when I read the headline to this post.

-Finally, I have an extra ticket to the Pixies/Mission of Burma show next Monday. If you're interested, lemme know.


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