Friday, December 03, 2004

...And I don't feel any different.

Just got an e-mail from Asobi Seksu that mentioned they will be playing Mercury Lounge this New Years Eve. No other details on the evening as of yet.

Here's a quick rundown on the NY indie New Year options...

Wilco/Flaming Lips/Sleater Kinney @ MSG: Nice lineup, too expensive even for the bad seats tho...don't wanna spend my NYE in a seat at the Garden.

Patti Smith @ Bowery: Um...not my crowd. Besides...who wants to get rushed out the door at 12:15 to make room for the...

Drive-By Truckers 1:00am Set @ Bowery: Great idea, and it would be a perfect way to cap off the night after the main festivities are over. But although it's NYE, $30 is a bit steep for an afterparty...even if they'll play till the sun comes up.

Gogol Bordello @ Northsix: Don't know much of the band, tho they've been getting some major buzz of late. I'll pass, but if the L train's broken, the Billyburgers could do worse.

Asobi Seksu @ Mercury Lounge: Like I said before, there's not enough information yet. Throw in a couple other interesting bands and a reasonable price, and this is a very viable option. Keep an eye on this one...

Luna/Maplewood @ Southpaw: Now we're getting somewhere...Two superb bands playing chill music in a great club for a reasonable price ($30). Brooklyn is the most underrated NYE spot in my experience, so this could be an excellent option.


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