Friday, September 10, 2004

This Weekend...

I have to come into work again...that's 3 of of the last 4 for those keeping track...drat. My job is getting past the point of tolerable for many more reasons besides the weekends (I actually don't mind coming in on Saturday...It's quiet so I can actually get stuff done...) I don't see me working here much past the New Year.

But in the meantime...

Tonight I'm gonna go home and CHILL THE FUCK OUT for hopefully a couple hours. This has been one of those weeks where I've been up and around every night, and I've had no time just to take a breath, sit down, watch some TV or I'm getting out of here at 6:00 and just gonna kick back for a minute.

Later on I'm gonna go to see Rainer Maria, who a friend of mine is a huge fan of, and I've heard some and have been impressed. Hopefully I'll get out early enough to see some of the Upwelling and Dirty on Purpose as well, but I'm not gonna push it.

Tomorrow is gonna be kinda all over the place. First I'm gonna swing by Don Hill's (!) to see the Morning Theft, but with any luck, I won't stay there for long after. The Secret Machines are then playing a Midnight show at Rothko, which is unmissable. Quite a run of "Next Big Thing" bands for the spankin new 'ko. That's about it for me...Misshapes is for suckers.

Maybe Sunday I can sleep in.


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