Friday, September 03, 2004

One last post before the weekend...

Is it common knowledge that the iPod ads are complete ripoffs of Tribe Called Quest's "Bonita Applebum" video?? I just caught it on Vh1 Classic and there were scenes in it that were exactly the same...all that was missing was the white wires out of the ears. Solid purple background with dancing silhouettes...and I know that it's not the most original idea out there...but there's no mistaking the influence. I honestly thought it was an ad when I saw it...Crazy, since Apple gets all up in arms about people ripping off their shit. Maybe people already know this, but it was a surprise to me.

Also, The Wrens are now officially confirmed to be playing an acoustic set with The Comas, Maplewood, and Nada Surf (acoustic as well). Get there early if you want to get in, cause now that the word is out, the place should be packed. (The Post even reported it, tho you won't get me linking the Post twice in one day...see here)

Radio 4 is playing at Bowery the same night, and as much as I hate to miss them, they'll be playing with The Libertines in October at Webster Hall, and this Mercury show is just gonna be too good to pass up. I'll be there.


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