Friday, September 03, 2004

Sharapova got nothing on my girl Kirilenko

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I love the US Open...And I love going the first week especially...You get to walk around to the side courts and see a bunch of matches up close. Now, I don't know enough about pro tennis to really care about who wins or loses, it's just fun to see a good match...and its fun to see hot Russian teenagers.

Somehow though, you always end up rooting for somebody and you don't know why...It's fun. Taylor Dent seems like a pretty big douchebag...Whinny, temperamental, and erratic. He was yelling at the ump, frustratingly blasting balls out of the stadium. He even got docked a point (something I've never seen) for arguing a call. Total dick...But I still was rooting for him! Dunno why, but it just happens like that.

Anyway, got there in time to watch Kirilenko get beat by some dumpy American chick, then went over to Ashe to watch the first set of Venus Williams against a qualifier. After Venus squeaked out the first set, we went down to go check out Sharapova play and win at Louis Armstrong.

From there we watched the end of the Dent match, which was the most exciting of the night, and then caught some of Moya before deciding we had enough.

I had a blast...kinda want to go back again this weekend if I'm not doing anything big. The perfect way to spend a quiet September night.


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