Monday, August 30, 2004

A Weekend of Bests

I dunno why I'm so goddamn tired a good night sleep, woke up regular time...dont get it. Anyway...had to fight through throngs of republicans this morning to get to work today...I'm already so sick of cowboy hats and American Flag shirts...They all look so smug...greedy, evil and ignorant the all of them.

Anywhoo...Friday I took a day off to sleep in and relax...Met some friends and went to go see Hero, which is prolly the best movie I've seen all year? I dunno what else I've seen in recent memory...but it's about as good as a movie can be in every aspect...story, visuals, action, love, politics and morals...just amazingly well done...I urge everybody to go see it in the theatres soon...

That night we went to Popeyes chicken on 13th and 1st to get some takeout, which is so much better than KFC. Service with a smile as well...Our friendly counter lady, in one of the most classic fast food moments of all time, not only told us upon entry that we had 4 minutes to order before she was "clocking the fuck out"...but proceeded to call some guy in the kitchen a "fucking homo" for not sending a biscuit up when she asked. It seriously felt like a skit from the Chapelle show. Bravo, Popeye, for keeping you hiring standards so low to the point of amusement. The Chicken was top notch, however.

That night we went to the dark room, which is a very nice bar, albeit actually a little too dark for my tastes...good music, nice crowd...can't complain.

Saturday was moving in day for the NYUers...and if there's one arrival Central Village residents dread more than the GOP, it's the new crop of freshman...wearing their "Class of 2008" T-shirts carrying books and posters and whatever. It was significantly less chaotic than last year, but the presence was noticeable. The highlight of the day was my Ashley Olsen sighting with parents and some brother/boyfriend character heading west down 10th st. Best sighting of the year.

Saturday night I had another great meal at Grand Setzuan...the new Chinese restaurant on St. Marks bet. 2nd and 3rd. Perhaps best Chinese meal I've ever eaten...Does not travel very well for delivery, but if you want Chinese food in the's the best, hands down. My favorite part is that all the waiters inexplicably wear these Chinese red army uniforms...weird, but fun.

Later on we went to Lit for a bit, and when when the rest of the crowd wanted to head back and play poker, I hopped into a cab and met up with my old college roommate and some of his friends at this miserable bar/club called One across the street from Pastis. I will give them credit for hiring one of the most wonderful bathroom attendants I've ever experienced...but thats about it.

Sunday was a big Chinese day...ordered Chinese for lunch and dinner, and watched Infernal Affairs and Shaolin Soccer. That night we watched a disappointing 6 feet and pretty bad Entourage...all the while keeping tabs on the VMAs...

Let me say first of all that it was the Worst VMAs ever...No host...No stage(???)...No A-Listers...No buzz...Best part was the emergence of my new favorite hip hop style...Conservative-looking suits...Kanye and Big Boi looked badass...bling and throwbacks are done...keep it professional.

Nothing nothing really doing this week...except for the US Open Thursday night...Something usually comes up tho.


At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi i randomnly clicked ur link on google but hi
i loved the film hero too its brilliant
but ive seen ads for that soccer film but it hasnt come out yet!!
seeing as i found this randomnly and prolly wont find it again could u email me? if not thats cool


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