Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Pitchfork today has posted the upcoming tour dates for the band The Advantage.

These guys combine two of my favorite things growing up...videogames and gimmicks. They are an 8-bit Nintendo cover band, and apparently they pull it off incredibly well...

Their website looks like a Nintendo game before you blew in it...but it does have some MP3's to download...which is great...Here's the music from Double Dragon II...

The Advantage - Double Dragon II

Anyway...they are playing 2 shows in New York in November...one at The Knitting Factory on the 6th and one at Northsix on the 7th...I think it'll be fun. For a lot of us growing up...this was the soundtrack of our afterschool existence...each song brings back countless memories...If they pull it off as well as advertised, it should be a real trip.


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