Friday, August 20, 2004

Razorlight Burn

Pitchfork finally got around to trashing Razorlight's debut album...Calling it "this year's worst band ever."

After returning from England and Ireland, and hearing a lot of people talking about these guys, I got caught up in the Euro-Buzz ordered a copy off the internet...My initial impressions were generally positive to be perfectly honest, but the album for me quickly grew old and forgotten about. I still think Golden Touch is an above average pop song (Still lingering on the infrequently updated "What I'm Listening to Now" section), and the title track "Up All Night" still gets a listen every once in a while...Besides that tho the album is a dud. I'm well aware that negative Razorlight buzz isn't news to most people here...but coming across this review reminded me I wanted to put in my piece. If anyone's still curious to check them out, they'll be playing an early set (overrated British band trend?) at Sin-e on Sept 21.


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