Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Quickly, cause I gots work to do...

*The Killers were great, as always...It's been fun watching Brandon's stage presence develop over the shows I've seen...he really works the crowd and plays the dramatic bit a lot more than he did a few months ago...which is fun. I do wish they played a longer set tho...hopefully when they go on tour to "officially" support the album this fall, they'll throw in the rest of the stuff off the album and maybe a cover or 2...I'd like that.

*re: the girl at Bowery in front of us with the slick Guido boyfriend who switched off between making out with him and covertly grinding her ass all up in my friends junk...what was up with that???

*re: the gay-baiting douchebags outside of Nevada Smiths...I'm not gay...I don't even look all that gay...so how long'd you keep that racket up before some actually gay dude took offense and beat the Speonk out of you?

*Tonight is The Libertines at Bowery. Never seen them...very curious to see what it's like...and what shape the band is in these days. I've been looking forward for a while now, ever since I missed them in Ireland (they were up against Muse...so no regrets there). I hope they still put on a good show.

Thats all for now...


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