Friday, August 13, 2004

A Slow and Spooky Friday the 13th

The office is really quiet today...A little too quiet...

So last night I was a lil squeezed for time getting off work late, so I was unfortunately unable to make it down to Luna Lounge in time to check out The GoStation...I was, however, able to meet up with some friends, and some friends of friends, and check out the lovely and adorable Dawn Landes, who impressed me in so many different ways. I had countless conversations last night trying to explain why I liked her set so much and how she separates herself from the 25345648 other female singer/songwriters out there...but I couldn't put it into words. It's kind of like she does to chick acoustic guitar music what punk did to rock and roll...she keeps it very simple, and from that comes the brutal honesty and tenderness. The sound of a lonely drum backing up an acoustic guitar and a beautiful, yet sometimes troubled and apathetic sounding voice is a wicked combination that keeps your attention and makes you curious to hear what else is there...I know that sounds really lame and cheesy or whatever, but it's really the best way I can think to describe why she is so good. Go see for yourself at Pianos on the won't be disappointed.

After my best attempts at getting my friends to drag their friends over to Luna Lounge to come check out Morning Theft, they ultimately decided to stick around The Living Room and catch up on old times...So I walked over by myself to check it out. They played a really strong set to an excited and interested crowd, and I walked out an hour or so later humming their songs that were stuck in my head. A better sign of a good show I don’t know what is.

After that I met back up with the peeps from Dawn's set on the street between Pianos and the Living Room and talked about a bunch of stuff that didn't really involve me...after a while I was tired after a long day so I headed home early. Fun night tho.


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