Monday, August 09, 2004

Prep is the New Punk


So...I was told at the door to Misshapes Saturday night:

"It doesn't matter what list you're on, in the coming weeks we won't be allowing anybody in wearing conservative dress"

Now...I don't think I need to point out the irony of shutting people out of a party that celebrates the differences in the way people look by only allowing people in who all dress a particular way...but whatever.

It costs too much and takes too much effort to look that poor and apathetic...I do my own no shame in rocking the Biz-Caj on the weekend. (Ironically, of course)

Anyway...Saturday I briefly went to Misshapes with a buddy of mine who was back home for the weekend...we got our money's worth from the open bar and then headed over and met up with some friends in the Lower East Side. From there we hiked back up to the East Village and bounced around a little more, then called it a, but nothing too eventful.

Yesterday I went to see Garden State and thought it was cute, but didn't sweep me away...The whole time it felt like the movie was a half step off...hard to explain, but it just never perfectly clicked for me...Not like Before Sunrise or Lost in Translation did at least...which is too bad, cause I felt it was so close to being an amazing movie...Hopefully Braff will nail it his next time out...hes on the right track.


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