Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Rock Rothko Like a 1940's Abstract Art Groupie...

Well, I know I've been talking about tonight a lot recently because It's basically the only show I've set out to go to in the last two weeks, becides Curiosa. It'll be a nasty party, so be sure to make it out.

I, for one, really dig Dogs Die in Hot Cars...quirky enough to draw attention, but talented enough to hold it. I am very curious to see what they are like live...Worth showing up early to check out, IMO...

DDIHC - I Love You Cause I Have To

DDIHC - Godhopping

Pity sing I know very little about, except that the song from the video off their website is pretty good...Will be curious to hear them in person.

Pity Sing - Bleeding Hearts (video)

Morning Theft I've seen once before and was thoroughly impressed. Some say Pixies-esque, I see some early Jimmy Eat World in them...but what do I's just good music.
They put out a new song yesterday on their website that is worth checking out if you're interested...

Morning Theft - 30 Helens Agree


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