Monday, August 02, 2004

10:15 on a Saturday Night...

How could I see my two favorite bands in the world play back to back on a beautiful summer day in New York and NOT leave the festival totally out of my head???

To start, I was in and out of one of the worst hangovers of the year...I dunno when it really started to get bad the night before...Ciaran and I killed a couple bottles of champagne on and empty stomach before we headed out to see Asobi Seksu...and yeah...I left my cell phone in a cab...and yeah...I forgot my ATM pin number...but I really didn't feel that bad at the time...

The band was awesome, by the was that delicious orange flavored red bull substitute they serve at Mercury Lounge...yummy.

After their set, we went on a mission to get my cell phone back. I had called the phone earlier and the guy who found it said he was gonna be at the Village Idiot, so we headed over there...and proceeded to ask every single guy at the bar if they had my phone...with no luck...I STILL honestly didn't feel that drunk...finally I borrowed someone else’s phone and got in touch again with my phone-finder...he had gone home already, so we headed to his block in Tribeca...came out with his dog...really nice the phone, stuck around and talked for a good 20 MINUTES to a complete stranger...yet still I didn't feel like I was that drunk...

From there, we headed down to Rothko, where after a Sparks and a Jager shot, I finally started to feel it hit...It was a very aware kind of drunk tho...not a forgetful sloppy drunk...I tried to talk to Yuki from Asobi Seksu, just to say hi and exchange pleasantries...but I literally felt like I was watching somebody else make a fool of themselves...the Taurine and the caffeine kept me alert enough to be aware that I was a bumbling idiot...I don’t remember what I said, but I couldn't put together a complete sentence, even tho I had a clear idea what I was trying to say...Anyway...this was the point that I realized it was time to head home, so we left. And so the aftermath of this is a main reason why Curiosa didn't live up to my lofty expectations...

The next day I was in serious agony...all the revive in the world couldn't have helped me. Went to Steve’s' for a delicious brunch I wish I could have enjoyed more...took 3 Tylenol and it was off to the Show.

I was lucky enough to have a ride out to Randalls Island, cause the 34th street ferry sounded like a mess...why run the ferries AS the first bands begin...why not have them run closer to when the gates opened? Why not TELL ANYONE that the gates opened at 3:00? Sign #1 the festival was being run by nincompoops.

Sign #2 was that the food was disgusting...and I normally like festival food a lot...but everything they had was just sub par. It’s really not hard to get this right...and the Curiosa people kinda dropped the ball...and 2 beer tents for 10,000 people? c'mon.

The music was great...on the main stage, at least...It was a good setup, and the sound was really good for an outdoor space...The Rapture was significantly better here then they were in Ireland. I like the show they put on and everything...but listening to them on the record creates a totally different image for these guys...then again, I've only seen them outdoors in the daylight, so I can't say for sure what their club set is like.

Interpol was the clear cut highlight for me...they play such a tight set together...even when the bass goes out...and for those who think style doesn't matter in music...these guys just look badass...and it complements the music very well. The music stands out on its own, and the style adds something to the live show that puts it over the top...These guys are the best band in the world right now because their perfect music is complemented by their nasty look...and if you don't think that makes a difference, you're just wrong.

What about Muse tho??? Well...Beef #3 with the fete was the travesty of putting Muse on that excuse for a second stage...It was maybe suitable for a summer camp talent show, but for the greatest live act on the planet, it was completely unacceptable. They need a main stage...they need the flair and bombast of a massive field, arena, or football stadium to truly shine...The sound was horrible on that stage, and it was too small for the guys to be at their best. They should make a rule that if you can't fit Mat Bellamy's blinking piano on the stage, you gotta do bigger. For a short little set, they gave it all they could, but I know they could have been so so much more.

Finally...The Cure. Now, don’t get me wrong...I love The Cure and everything...but nobody could follow Interpol and Muse and be anywhere near satisfactory in my mind. I know I will have disagreements, but I can't get into those guys live. After 2 songs, the Tylenol wore off and my hangover came back in full force. I retired back a bit to sit on the grass and listen...and it was much better. They dragged on a little too much for me, but they still sound great...Just not a band I can stand in one place for and watch for 2 hours.

After that, I went home, got a quick bite to eat, and reluctantly went to bed... knowing I wanted to go out, but well aware I was in no shape to do so...All in all a fun day, but I still left feeling it could have been the best day of my life...Expectations are always hard to beat.


At 9:45 PM, Blogger n. said...

we are always at the same places! i was chugging sparks at Rothko on Friday night also. that stuff is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. I was far too hyper for my own good.


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