Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Imaginary CentralVillage Music Festival...

First of all...Pixies Presale for Hammerstein tomorrow @ 9AM...The Datsuns or Mission of Burma?

Will prolly come to $50 after charges...but well worth it.

UPDATE: Um...presale's now Thursday I guess...and the openers changed too...

UPDATE II: If you clicked on the links recently, you'd see that they've added the presale password as well, which is "umass"...

Anyway...I was thinking...If I were to promote a weeklong music festival in New York City, what would the lineup look like?? I could only hope for something like this:

*The GoStation/Morning Theft
*Le Tigre/Chromeo/The Shut the Fuck Up!!(Stellastarr*)/The Soft Explosions
*Little Steven's Underground Garage Festival (The Strokes, Iggy and the Stooges, New York Dolls, Mooney Suzuki, Ravonettes, Big Star, etc...)
*The Killers
*The Libertines
*Ambulance Ltd/Guided By Voices
*maybe Sufjan Stevens

Starting on Thursday this is my lineup...A perfect blend of all the musical genres I listen to...Some large acts, some small...some heavy stuff, some light...A complete representation of everything I love about music.

A lot of these shows are free, and the most you'll spend for any of them is $20...If you live in New York, do yourself a favor and try and make it out to some of them...You won't regret it.


At 8:02 PM, Blogger janelle said...

i'll be at the sufjan show friday night... $10 is definitely worth it. also, i've heard jim guthrie's recent album, and it's pretty good.


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