Friday, August 20, 2004

Morrissey in New York

As I'm sure you've already read via Stereogum...

October 9 & 10, Radio City Music Hall
Tickets on sale September 10 @ NOON EST.

This was just about the best show I've seen all year...Easily top 5...I saw the Shins open for him at the beginning of the summer at the Apollo, and he was really really great. Go see him now, before he falls off the face of the earth again.

UPDATE: and Rilo Kiley Too

Tickets also just went on sale for Rilo Kiely at Bowery 10/7 and 10/8:

Rilo Kiley
Now It's Overhead
Tilly and The Wall

Buy them HERE

UPDATE II: I also just read confirmation that .Hope of the States will be in town for CMJ Oct. 14...Venue is unknown as of now, but I'd put my money on a return to Bowery, since there is nobody scheduled for that day...I've regretted missing them in Ireland, and then again when they were in town last month. Their CD is fantastic, and I'll be looking forward to finally seeing them live


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