Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Real Deal

I, as many of us, grew up hating RealPlayer...it always took over your computer, the sound was bad, it had pop-ups before pop-ups even existed...it completely sucked. It had to take a lot for me to even consider downloading their player on my computer again, but, alas, they have officially redeemed themselves...

First they come out with the groundbreaking and amazing Real Rhapsody, which lets you listen to almost any album in its entirety for a mere $10 a month...Then they figured out a way to get stuff downloaded from their store to work on an iPod...something nobody else has been able to do and at a risk of lawsuit from Apple...Now, they've cut prices of music online to $.49 a song...and half off on albums...They say limited time, so stock up now...

Congratulations Real...you have completely flipped your previously miserable image into my new favorite music source...keep it up!

Real Website
Rhapsody's Website


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