Wednesday, August 18, 2004

No one wants to pay to see your happiness...

Libertines were a treat last night...Gary Powell is the best drummer I've ever seen in person...brutal brutal brutal...yet somehow he makes it look so easy...

I christened my new Real music store with a legal, online purchase of the new Rilo Kiley album for friggin $4.99...It's awesome, as everyone else has already said...automatic finalist for album of the year in my mind...such a perfect combination of everything...but the lyrics stand out above all else...get this album now.

Tonight I'm going to Elkland at Pianos if I get off work at a reasonable hour...You should too...they stole the show last month at Bowery Ballroom from The Bravery and Elefant...Big things for these boys in the sure to check out their Gothamist interview too.


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