Saturday, August 21, 2004

It's the weekend...

I normally don't post anything on Saturdays, but I'm up...and I have to go into work here's something...

Slunt, The female fronted, raunch-rock outfit led by my lovely and talented photographer/MTV VJ cousin, Abby Gennet, is playing a set at the Delancey if that sounds like your kind of thing, go check um out. They are a fun band to watch...Think of them more like a chick-led, punkier Darkness, and you'll enjoy it a lot more.

Slunt - The Best Thing

I, however, will not be there tonight...Most likely going to check out Sea Ray and +/- (Plus/Minus) at Mercury lounge. From the songs I've heard off their websites, (and I may be way off with this...)Sea Ray sounds like Interpol meets Death Cab...and Plus/Minus sounds like Interopl meets Postal Service...Should be interesting...(UPDATE: Listened to more...and yeah...way off...still very good tho)

Sea Ray - Revelry

+/- - Suprise!

By the way...Here's what I'll be doing all day while waiting for my copy sets to be made:



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