Thursday, August 26, 2004

Kings for a Day...

Been amazingly busy all day, but I finally got a lil break. Anyway...noticed that Kings of Leon are playing Bowery on October 6th, and tickets are on sale now.

I saw them play at Oxegen not really being that big a fan, but they ended up one of my favorite sets of the whole weekend. They sound great live, and the new songs (at least the ones I didn't recognize from the album) were some of the best.

Expect them to really blow up in the coming months...they've got this familiar, yet unique "classic rock" sound that appeals to the Bonnaroo crowd as much as the Glastonbury set. I strongly recommend checking them out at Bowery while they're still playing relatively small venues...Especially cause Rolling Stone is already yacking about their new album that won't be out till January...the buzz will only get louder from here.


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