Thursday, September 02, 2004

Random thoughts on a quiet day at the office...

*I can't stop watching that Zell Miller clip with Chris Matthews...He, for all intensive purposes, challenged Chris Matthews to a duel???? Like a slap across the face with your glove duel??? What a loon.

*As much as I love Muse, I am not nearly as big a fan of their earlier album, Showbiz, as I am of Absolution...Be that as it may...I think Sunburn, the opening track on Showbiz, is their best song.

*I got a copy of the new Saucy Monky album in the mail yesterday, and after a few listens, I'm really digging it. There's absolutely no reason why these girls aren't all over the place. They've got the perfect pop sound and the perfect pop image that MTV, etc. is so clearly missing these days. It also doesn't hurt that Annmarie and Cynthia are hot as hell...

I'm a big fan of this song Flicker...It's not off their new album, but it's real good. Check it out.

*What's the deal with the CMJ Marathon? There still isn't very much listed, and it's only a little over a month away. There are a lot of bands I want to check out that week, but I kind of am curious how it all is gonna play out.

*Clinic is playing another show at Irving on November 10th with Sons and Daughters and Midnight Movies. The Domino Records Showcase they are playing on October 14th conflicts with the currently venueless Hope of the States show I will attend.

*It looks like now that the charges have been dropped, Kobe was totally guilty.

"Although I truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did"

That's called date-rape, homeboy...

*Finally...If you live in New York, and these kind of comments don't just kill you inside...I dunno what to say except you have no soul.

Overheard in a hotel lobby(via Matthew Yglesias): "I get the feeling these New Yorker liberals just don't understand how 9-11 changed things. It's like they don't even remember it."

Ugh...Anyway...Off to The Open. I got a half day tomorrow...Looking forward to the long weekend too...even if nobody'll be around.


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