Sunday, September 05, 2004

Investment Bankers can drink twice as much as Traders...

That, by the way, is an actual quote from my absurd weekend with the above 14th street set...Quite an adventure I had! Due to the holiday weekend, and most people getting out of the city, I got to hang out with my old college roommate and his friends and coworkers...An interesting crowd to say the least...

I hung out with 6 (six) Republicans and a real life "Undecided Voter" from the Midwest. One of them (who looked like Gwendolyn Pierce from "Charles in Charge") was very proud of the fact that she was "Anti Gay Rights"...Wow! What a bigot!

Another one (Princeton via Macon, Georgia) kept on talking to me about Short-term vs. Long-Term Utilitarianism...and I was 100% sure I disagreed with him, but I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about.

Oh well. But I mean...they were for the most part relatively nice people...some of them are good friends of mine...but I've just never been in a room with people who were openly and proudly talking about supporting George Bush...I mean...where I come from that's some shit you're supposed to be ashamed of.

Anyway...I guess the weekend's not really over...but still...Most likely that part of it is. Tonight I'm gonna go check out myself I guess, because I'm pretty sure Gwendolyn Pierce would have a hard time wrapping her head around the scene at Motherfucker...and literally everybody else I know in New York is scattered across the country from Marthas Vineyard to San Diego.

Tomorrow night I'm gonna go back out to the US Open...then Mercury Lounge Wednesday, Futureheads Thursday, Morrissey tickets go on sale Friday, and Interpol on sale Saturday, with Morning Theft playing that night...Finally Secret Machines next Sunday. Phew.


At 4:03 PM, Blogger n. said...

where are the Futureheads playing on Thursday? I went on their website and it didn't say... and I really want to check them out!

At 6:16 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

According to the Rothko website, they are playing upstairs on Thursday night...I guess right after they get done at Roseland with Franz Ferdinand. Thats pretty much all I know tho...there's no time listed or anything. Here's the listing:

Thu 9 - Barfly, Addvice & Crashinin Present: BARFLY CLUB NYC
Upstairs - The Future Heads, The Roger Sisters, Diamonds
Downstairs - FRANZ FERDINAND DJ Sets, Crashinin Djs, & Addvice DJs
Doors 9 PM, $8 In Advance, $10 Day Of Show. Tix Available On TICKETWEB


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