Friday, September 10, 2004

Futurehead Friday

You know how relatives see you once a year and they go nuts about how big you've gotten or how different you look? That's how I felt about Rothko last night. I've seen some really good bands there, and gone to hang out many an other time, but yo, I've never seen it that packed before...not even close. Also...Nice basement! Holy crap! I figured they would open that back room, but I didn't know they were gonna take out the stairs and do up the whole thing like that. Well done!

So last night I went to the Interpol Gallery opening, which was very much fun. It's real tough to pass up free beer and good music with an interesting crowd...I was surprised it wasn't more packed, actually.

By the way, the presale password was Antics (if you couldn't have guessed that) and I am going to the Thursday night show.

From there we walked over to Rothko to check out the Futureheads, who were supurb.. I don't know much about playing instruments or singing, but what they do, with the timing of the music and the vocal harmonies and all, must be realhard, but they pull it off like making cake...easy. I was impressed. These guys have the flair and the talent to be gigantic...I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they're headlining their own show at Roseland by the end of next summer. Get excited.

We were too tired and worn out by the end of their set to stick around for the Ferdtastic main event, so somewhat regrettably we called it a night.


At 6:46 PM, Blogger FutureDictator said...

Hey i agree with you on the future heads i saw them live and they are fantastic.


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