Thursday, September 09, 2004

I like shows where I need to turn my ringer off

I'm going to San Diego. Muse, Franz Ferdinand, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Death Cab for Cutie, and The Secret Machines. Why not? I need to get out of the city is driving me crazy, and I'm already dreading the potential dreary weather. It will be nice.

Last night I saw a very entertaining show at Mercury Lounge. The Wrens The Wrens The Wrens...I've been looking forward to this for very long time. They were great...looked like they were happy to play such a small venue...were having a great time with it. I really wished I had made it out to Bowery last week, cause this show would be a perfect compliment to a full set.

They just kinda flowed in and out of songs...One guy would be tuning his guitar, or fixing the pedals, while another would be playing the piano intro. Somehow, in perfect accord, everything was fixed and they went right into the song. They laughed a lot, prolly a bunch of inside stuff I didn't really get, but they sounded great, but on an amazing show. One of the highlights (can there be highlights of a 40 minute set?) was blasting through a song with an unplugged electric guitar and no mic. Something special about standing with 200 other people completely silent, listening to something like that. They maybe only played 6 full songs altogether, but they hit my two favorites off Meadowlands ("Boys, You Won't" and "She Sends Kisses"). So much fun, but it was kinda like listening to the Beatles Anthology stuff without hearing any of their original albums...I simply need to now go see them live for real. As soon as possible.

Nada Surf was really good as well... I knew nothing about them except for their Buzzworthy single "popular" from '96, that thankfully they didn't play (N/P with the song, just not the right mood). They were very very good...acoustic and intimate. I was impressed by the following that was there to check them out...seemed like a great crowd...everyone knew their stuff, and the band appreciated the response. I'd go see them again fer sure.

I had to then go meet up with friends, so I unfortunately did not get to see Maplewood...The rest of the night was fun, but nothing noteworthy.

Tonight I'm going to the Interpol gallery opening, then Rothko for some Futurehead Ferdinand love. Any idea what time the Futureheads go on? How does Rothko not have a Phone number??

Finally, I'm sad to announce that the 50% off Real Music Store deal is gone...I came home last night to check out some Nada Surf stuff, and everything was back to full price...No note, no phone call...just over.



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