Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I got culture baby

I've been told that Adam Rapp is a very good playwright, tho I have never seen or read any of his plays. I do know for a fact is that he cheats at Buckhunter. Be that as it may, his new play, "Finer Noble Gases" is performing now at the Rattlestick Theatre on Waverly, and it is getting fantastic reviews. It's an existential-esque story about a bunch of hipsters in the East Village trying to replace their broken TV set. (Mike Skinner was unavailable for comment) It's running through Oct 25th and I'm hoping to catch it soon. Adam also recently completed filming his first movie, Winter Passing, Starring Zooey Deschanel, Ed Harris and Will Ferrell. Look for it next spring.


Mr. Rapp's lovely and talented girlfriend, Dawn Landes (Who I've raved about before), is playing a set at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn tonight. She's awesome.


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