Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Realest Reality Ever

Man, Laguna Beach is so lame! I love it! This is by far the weirdest show I've ever seen. Maybe it's a good lesson to all the kids out there...You can be beautiful and rich and popular and live in a nice place yet still not have all that interesting a life. This is the way the world works...Sometimes people throw a party and nothing happens...Nobody gets into a fight, nobody gets alcohol poisoning, nobody was trying to hide their drug use from their friends. People just hang out. It reminded me so much of me and my friends in High School...yeah we had our share of excitement, but for the most part we were just boring 18 year olds with too much space, time and money on our hands. It nothing else, this show made me sorta nostalgic for a time when life was that simple and pointless. Whatever...This show certainly doesn't belong on TV any more than my video of WEP III's Presidents Day Weekend bash, but nether does half the shit we watch...that doesn't mean I'm not gonna watch tho.


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