Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Tuesday Adventures

Today I inexplicably took off early from work to go see The Carson Daly Show taping...I know...but Toots was performing, and Al Franken was on...It was fun, but not something I'd do unless someone special was on. Toots qualifies. I'll tell ya tho...Carson is an idiot...He honestly makes you feel like it's 2 in the morning sitting there listening to him...which I guess is the point...but I mean damn...

Went back to work afterwards with intentions to stay late and get a big chunk of stuff done...but several booming explosions scared me the fuck outta there. I mean my office building literally shook when those things went off...pretty confusing, sorta scary...Anyway, it was enough for me to not wanna hang around, so I packed up what I could do at home and figured to finish it all in the cozy confines of the CV... Green Day, no Razorlight...not even some Inouk or some LESS...just a bunch of paperwork, Chinese/Mexican delivery, and Matchstick Men on on demand. (which is an unsuspectingly fucked up movie...kinda creeped me out) This week's gonna be a chill like that.


At 11:14 AM, Blogger holmes said...

no green day. no razorlight. no inouk. but how about some morning theft on saturday night at pianos? ;-)


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