Monday, September 20, 2004

My 20 favorite albums of 5764 (part V)

#12 Feist - Let it Die

I owe the pleasure of hearing this record 100% to reading Coolfer Glenn's blog. He, a while back, declared it his favorite CD of the year, and me, happening across an gift certificate, decided to take is word and order a copy for myself. It instantly became a favorite of mine as well. The songs seem rather simple, but are so perfectly composed and performed that it's almost easy to take them for granted. Favorites such as the title track "Let it Die" and the Ron Sexsmith cover "Secret Heart" convey the feelings of loneliness and tenderness better than anything you'll hear all year. It's the kind of record you'll never ever get sick of, and I only hope it'll someday soon be released in America, cause I have no doubt she'd be a big hit here.

#11 The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow

I've said before that The Shins are a perfect band...and that Chutes Too Narrow is a perfect record. That being said, I dunno how on earth this album did not crack the Jew-Year top 10. Maybe it's cause of the 34 minute runtime...not that that itself would downgrade it, but combined with the inherent replayability and appropriateness for almost every listening environment...I've heard all these songs so much it doesn't have the same cachet it once had. If I took these 20 records 10 years from now and reordered them, it would no doubt be top 3...for now, at this very moment in time, it comes in at a very respectable #11. For the shut-in out there who has never heard this record, there are no standout highlights...every song is perfect...Go buy it tonight. I only wish I too could hear it again for the first time.

Gonna crack into the Top 10 tomorrow night...
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