Sunday, September 19, 2004

My 20 favorite albums of 5764 (part III)

#16 The Strokes - Room on Fire

I may be the last person below 14th street who still admits to liking The Strokes...And I'm cool with that. This is a fantastic album...And any CD that can be overplayed as much as this one has and still remain not only listenable, but enjoyable is a remarkable one. Listen to "Reptilia" or "The End Has No End" and tell me they still aren't great songs...I think they are. All in all, this album still holds up remarkably well, and in time will be considered a classic...whether the cynics want to admit it or not.

#15 The Fiery Furnaces - Blueberry Boat

This is an epic record...each song, in fact, is its own epic within an even greater epic. It is not an album to be played in the background...It requires your full attention, not unlike like an opera or a musical. Those who are willing to take the time out, pay attention to the stories being told, and the complexity of the music being played, are rewarded with something really special. It's the kind of album that shows you something new every time you listen...and it's still growing on me.

14 and 13 later tonight...
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