Wednesday, September 15, 2004

In the Shadow of No Media Responsibility

On Monday night, before I went to bed, I walked over to the megastore to see if they were going to put out the Arcade Fire CD at midnight. Unfortunately they hadn't, but I bought a couple things anyway.

The first was the DVD of Outfoxed, which was very well done, but pretty darn hard to watch. Like to the point where I wanted to turn it off a number of times out of pure disgust. Please see it tho if you have a chance, and show it to your Fox News watching friends as well...It is a very important film.

The Second thing was the new book by Art Spigelman, "In the Shadow of No Towers" that I'm sure everyone's seen around town. It's brilliant...I've never seen or read anything that visualized the confusion and frustration of those days and time after so well. It's also from the perspective of a liberal elitist Jew who lives in lower Manhattan, who, admittedly doesn't know many people who are anything but. I can relate to that...

For me and the people I grew up with, Maus I and II were pretty much required reading. If you've never read them, please's easy...they're comic books.

Two quick music notes...

I just got an email from the Chappelle Block Party people that tickets are sold out...which I knew, but I kinda thought that my request of tickets was still gonna go through...guess not now...I've had some bad luck with TV tapings recently...

Also...I read that Simple Kid is opening for Kings of Leon at Bowery next month...Two different people told me to go check him out in Ireland, but he conflicted with somebody else...What I've heard of him is really good tho...The show is already sold out, but if you have tickets already, get there early and catch his set.


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