Monday, September 20, 2004

Quiet Weekend...

My weekend was entirely uneventful...and actually the week coming up isn't all that banging either...but whatever.

The Emmys were much better than expected...Shandling blew, but everyone else was pretty good...kinda got me excited for the upcoming TV season...which I guess is the point. And...did I hear the opening cords of Interpol's "Hands Away" during the nominees for best drama? That was sorta random.

Just saw that Muse might be in New York November 9th...anybody know what the deal is? And when are the official CMJ schedules gonna get posted??

Next week is gonna be pretty quiet for me...There's Green Day at Irving obvs, but I haven't heard of anybody who was able to get tickets...Northsix has Of Montreal Wednesday, and a sold out Bright Eyes show on Thursday, but other than that, it's a good week to stay in and save up. There's all sorts of fun new TV on...


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