Wednesday, September 22, 2004

My 20 favorite albums of 5764 (part VI)

This is going to be VERY quick cause I've been working all night and am about to goto bed.

#10 Murs - Murs 3:16

This is the best Rap CD of the year...Black Album was meh in my mind, Kanye's great, but too much skit filler shit, Dizzee's new ish has several brilliant tracks, but it's not enough, The Streets aren't even rap in my mind, and I could never totally get into the Madvillan flow. Murs, however, rolls like a Nas greatest hits disc...Smart concepts, visual lyrics, solid beats, and slick wordplay. This is exactly what I look for in a rap album...dead on. Honestly worth a check even if you don't listen to hip hop.

#9 Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand

I's almost 2AM...Do I really need to go into this? I'll just say that "Take Me Out" is the most important single since The Strokes' "Last Nite". The rest of the album is a brilliant debut that deserves all the hype and attention it has received.

Tomorrow #8 and #7.
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At 3:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Last Nite???" Methinks you doth take certain NYC rockers too seriously. Franz Ferdinand will be blaring out from our mp3 players long after Casablancas has been forgotten.

-Tom on the Gold Coast

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

That may be true...but the influence of The Strokes on the modern music scene should not be ignored...The same people who had "last nite" on their winamp 3 years ago along with the rest of their top 40 stuff now have "take me out" on there instead...No other songs have had that massive an indie/mainstream crossover in recent memory...

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