Wednesday, December 29, 2004

It's coming...

I was gonna post a New Years Eve guide with the different shows and parties out there, but I already kinda did that a few weeks ago, and don't feel like rehashing the same subject. If you want my advice...Either have some friends over, go to someone else's house party, or go find some easygoing spot where you can chill out and hang out with friends. On the other hand, if you really need to go wild and crazy...don't be cheap. If you're gonna go to some sleazy Meatpacking party and spend $150 just to get in the door, you may as well drop the extra $200 and do it right...Get something like a bed at Duvet or a VIP table at Lotus. If cost is an issue, you really shouldn't be going out to places like that on New Years anyway.

I think the late night parties sound a whole hell of a lot more interesting than the 'till 12 events. At 1:00am, The Drive By Truckers are playing at Bowery Ballroom. It's a bit pricy at $30, but everyone says you get yer moneys worth with them. Motherfucker's shindig also doesn't really get going till 2am, when the doors open and The Bravery don't come out till 3. For $20, it's not too bad.

My sleeper after-hours pick, if you have a descent group of people and want to stay out all night, is actually one of the most dreaded bars in the city. Of all places, The Delancey drops its cover from $40 to $10 after midnight, and will then stay open till 9AM. The food and free booze will likely be gone, but there will still be some entertainment left..DJ's and the such are supposed to come back out around 4 o'clock. More importantly, they are boasting that the roof deck will be heated and open on through the morning. I can think of worse places to watch the sun come up on January 1st than sitting on a heated roof in Manhattan overlooking the Williamsburg bridge. Keep it in mind…


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