Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Gonna let this bandwagon roll on by...

Annie...not so much. Despite all the hype, I just don't get it. Good looking girl for sure, (tho I don't know what she's hiding under that forearm...) but her music doesn't do it for me. Even as far as cheez-pop goes, I think her album is ordinary at best. A Blondie rip-off without the attitude? Pretty much.

Pitchfork's Albums of the year are very respectable. Great to see The Go! Team and Madvillain get their props, and tho I never got big into that Ghostface CD, I'm willing to give it a second listen. Nothing on there I really disagree with...except Anniemal, of course...but what's hype without the haters?

Also, I'd get tickets soon for that Animal Collective show at Bowery on 2/25, cause getting called #2 album of the year is gonna stir up a whole lot of interest. Also...Rouge Wave is playing at Maxwell’s on Sunday, February 6th. Would love to go see them, but I don't think they quite warrant the Jersey treatment. I imagine they've gotta be playing somewhere in the city around then as well, so keep an eye open for more shows.


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