Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Pitchfork Hearts Britney

Pitchfork has its three days worth of lists, and thankfully forgoes the belated news for most of the week. Yesterday was the 50 best reissues (don't care). Today come the best singles. Fun! They try to justify singles as only now being relevant, with MP3's as the sole reason cool kids would listen to one song at a time. Whatever. And don't forget to credit this guy for making them admit Britney had the third best song this year. You think they would have bothered otherwise? Good shit. Anyway, tomorrow is the best albums list (have a feeling brit brit won't make that one). Predictions? Blueberry Boat and Funeral are (I think) the two best rated albums of the year...But they'll prolly just stick them in the top 5 and throw two more obscure pics to remain relevant...or maybe they'll take this one's lead and throw Good Charlotte into a top spot. Pitchfork! Always unpredictable! We'll see about that.

Not that I wanna make this a best of list recap post or anything...But Tale of Two Cities throws in their annual fun list twist...and CentralVillage just can't pass up a good gimmick. Check out Kerry and Joeys favorite albums of the year in haiku form. Judging from the time it was posted, it appears they both stayed up all night working on it...so, um, well done guys.

Have you all seen this trailer yet? I'm not a comic book guy, but if you're gonna make a movie based on one, this is the way it aught to look. I, for one, thought The Hulk was a somewhat redeemable movie (despite the two awful CGI scenes that pretty much ruined in for me) because it stayed true to the form. The actors, especially the military personnel, all acted like comic book characters...or at least like what a non comic book reading person thinks comic book characters should act like. And isn't that the more important audience? Whatever, getting off the subject...Watch the trailer for the badass looking Sin City.

Sin City Trailer


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