Tuesday, December 21, 2004

While I was away...

Sea Ray breaks up. And I feel like I barely knew them. Everyone always had such nice things to say, and they will be missed around here for sure. Be sure to get there early to the Merc on 1/21. I have a feeling if they don't put tickets on sale for this, there's gonna be a line around Ludlow Street.

The Libertines play their final set ever while Babyshambles blows off their biggest London gig to date. I think it's safe to say this is all gonna be over for good real soon. Fucking Wasters.

Arcade Fire has sold out another show. Well it was the same show...just bigger. But it's still sold out now. I think. BTW, Does anybody know their if album has been selling at all?

Eagles fans are the big bitches once again. Thing is, even without TO, there's still no team in the NFC that can likely beat them. Maybe the Packers? Don't think so.

In other sports...listen. I'm a big Knick fan. And I like Marbury's game a lot. He's made the Knicks more fun to watch for sure, and his talent is unquestioned. Thing is...it can't be a coincidence that he leaves the Nets, and they go from perennial laughingstock to perennial championship contender...then he leaves the Suns, and they go from one of the worst teams in the league to the absolute best. I'm just saying...

This week is a slow week, but there's some action out there if you're looking. Tomorrow catch a Morning Theft acoustic performance at Luna Lounge, or Buck 65 for the last time (I think) at Sin-e. Thursday night Elkland and The Cloud Room play The Capital D dreaded Delancey.

The NY times buzzed band Dr. Dog is playing Mercury Lounge Jan. 22nd with CV favorite, The King of France. Aesop Rock is set to play Bowery for his record release party on 2/23. Both should be dope.

Thats all for tonight...


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