Saturday, December 25, 2004


Thursday night, after meeting up with some old friends at Cherry Tavern, I get home to the delight that my new Cell Phone had finally been shipped from Amazon, and had been upgraded to UPS guaranteed next day Air. Excited, I call up T-Mobile, who were very nice and helpful, despite the rough rep. They say they can start the number swap right away, and it will kick in around 3:00pm eastern. Perfect, I think...UPS usually comes around then, so I'll be ready to go.

The next day, 6:00 rolls around, and no package from Amazon yet. My current cell phone (and ONLY phone) has now been shut off for three hours, but its no big deal...since I was gonna head over to my parents apartment anyway for dinner and a movie, I wasn't too concerned about being out of touch for the night.

Fast forward to 11:00. I get home. George the night doorman looks and looks, but no package. But he reassuringly tells me that UPS had been running really late all week, sometimes not getting to the building till 1:00AM. So I figure, since I was told for almost 2 weeks that my phone would get to me before Christmas (not that I cared really about that) and as recently as the day before, assured it would be UPGRADED to NEXT DAY AIR to get to me in time. I was SO SURE that Amazon would not fuck over an apparent holiday shopper who placed an order 10 days before the holiday, and I was EVEN MORE SURE that UPS would come through on Christmas eve...perhaps with a red Santa hat on just like in the commercials. But at around 1:00AM, I check back at my package tracker, and it has updated to say that the package would be delayed until Monday the 27th. Completely unacceptable.

This is the third time UPS has fucked me this year alone. Twice was work related, once involving delivering a document that needed to be submitted to the court in California on deadline. I swore after that last time I would never use Brown again, but this was out of my control.

So I'm sitting in my apartment pretty much cut off from the rest of the world. I just ordered dominos pizza cause they have online ordering. I spoke to a few people on IM, but most of my friends are not sitting at their computer all day on Christmas. After dinner I'm gonna run across the street to use the payphone and try and make a few calls. With luck, nothing urgent or important will come up between now and Monday.


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