Sunday, March 27, 2005


There were some real horror stories from the Flaming Lips 'event' last Thursday night, including one on a popular Flaming Lips message board from Lips' drummer Kliph Scurlock:

"...I was almost beaten up by one of those steroid-amped dickheads. My friend Curt and I went outside to smoke where we were told that we were not allowed to smoke on the sidewalk in front of the building. So, we walked across the street and smoked. Then we walked back and the guy said "no re-entry." I showed him our All-Access/Band passes and he yanked them from my hand and said "those are obvious forgeries. Get lost before I hurt you." I explained that I was in the band and there would be no show without me, at which point he grabbed me by the throat and shoved me up against the wall and was about to take a swing at me when someone yelled "he's in the band. Let him go." So, I got back in but had to sneak Curt in through the back. Then I played like shit because I was all shaken up."


There are many other awful stories at that board, as well as a very earnest and heartfelt apology from Kilph for anybody who was given a hard time at or outside the party.

As we were leaving the event, A friend of ours decided to confront the aforementioned bouncer regarding his behavior toward the crowd. He retaliated by shouting obscenities, punching the cab and spitting at us (pictured above). Classy.

If anybody outside was able to snap a picture of that guy, please send it my way. I'd love to plaster his pathetic face all over the internet.


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