Friday, January 21, 2005

Mothers, be good to your daughters...

PLJ day 4 is in full effect. Three things I've realized this week...

1. John Mayer is played every 1 hour and 45 minutes like clockwork.
2. The Counting Crows are awful these days. August and Everything After was a lovely CD, but every time I hear one of their newer songs it makes my spine hurt.
3. I've been in denial all this time, but Keane is officially huge. I would have never expected them to live up to the hype, but they are soft rock GODS out in the FM radio mainstream. How bout that.


According to Cold Pizza...yeah I said ESPN2's Cold Pizza, The Beastie Boys' name drop bonanza "Letter to NYC" will be the theme song to EA Sports' upcoming game NBA Street Volume III. Rumor has it that Elkland's "Apart" will be the theme song to the next game in the street series, FIFA Street.

A big welcome back to The Magic Carpet, who took some personal time away from the blogesphere since November. She was listening and loving to The Arcade Fire open for The Wrens way back last February before you or I had ever heard of them...So believe me when I tell you she knows the good music when she hears it. Check her out if you haven't already.

The Sarah Flynn Benefit show at Rothko also has a corresponding auction. There's some really cool shit being sold over there, so if you're in a charitable mood, check it out.

Tonight the place to be is Sea Ray, who is playing their last show ever. They were once considered by some as the saviors of music and perhaps the best band in the world...But unfortunately the rest of the music listening population never gave them enough of a chance. They will be saying goodbye tonight. It is sure to be an emotional evening. Tickets are sold out.

Other options tonight is the sold out Mates of State/Regina Spektor Show at Bowery, and the sold out ...Trail of Dead show at Rothko. There's also a OMR recommended show at CBGB's tonight, tho I'm afraid I am not familiar with any of the bands.

Saturday night I'm gonna try and grab an early cancellation at some nice restaurant with the rents (due to the snowstorm...), then head to the Fez for some hott Meloy action. I love the Decemberists' new album, even tho Colin doesn't want me to sing along just yet. After that I'm shooting to Rothko to hear Jean Grae spit rhymes at her Midnight show. Busy Busy. Next week there are a ton of great bands playing in town, but I'll get to that as they come.

Have a great weekend.


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