Tuesday, January 18, 2005


KRock is holding the Interpol/Blonde Redhead presale for their show at Radio City on March 1st. Tickets will go on sale Friday at 9AM, and the Password is "KROCK".

Also, Kings of Leon are playing at Webster Hall on February 23...the day after their stellar sophomore LP hits the states. Tickets are available tomorrow at noon. I know they've been around for a bit, and they are already very big in Britain, but I have a feeling they are going to explode in the US this year. They've always had a lot going for them...youth, good looks, talent, attitude, and that indefinable something that makes them sound both unique and familiar at the same time. Now, finally, they have an incredible new album to back all it up. Worth checking out if you haven't before. They put on a good show. UPDATE: More Cowbell sez they'll be playing at Irving the night before, and the fantastic band The Features are once again opening for them.

Finally, The Wrens will be playing at Maxwells on March 12th. They are perhaps the definition of Jersey-worthy. I will be making the trip. (also via More Cowbell)

(photo via Gawker)


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