Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Good morning!

This week I've been making it my business to get up early and go to work around 8:00. Today I fell back asleep, but I was still in by 8:30. It's nice to have flexible time in the morning...don’t feel rushed anymore. Tho by 7:00PM I'm utterly exhausted if I'm still here. Anyway...

Coolfer makes good on his promise of dropping the anti-list list with the ten most over-blogged bands of 2004. The list should be no surprise to you...why? Because you read blogs, of course! And this is all we've been talking about for the last 12 months. Enjoy the list, but don't stop raving about the bands you dig...that's the whole point, right?

Paige turns 21 today...So happy happy, darling. If you wanna take that roadtrip down to NYC, I can think of about 40,000 people who would be more than willing to put you up for the week. LA sucks anyway...it's always raining out there.

24? Gotta admit it's looking pretty lame so far. Exciting, yes, but doesn't it all seem forced? I thought the best part was the attempted escape plan by the Sec. of Defense, and it still felt kinda awkward. The rest has been meh. Also, poor Debbie! I had hopes she would run away with the boy and be this season's Kim, getting into trouble while trying to contact the authorities. But I guess not. So I dunno yet. I'm not gonna stop watching, but it's been very predictable and poorly acted...Tho I know there's still a looooong way to go.

Finally, in the spirit of the list referenced above, I bring you the news, with great sadness, that Ashlee Simpson and Ryan Cabrera have called it quits (4th down). Too bad.

I guess that's it. Slow day so far. Looking forward to the Def Jux show tonight...Hope the "Special DJ's and Guests" are better than that letdown at Rothko Saturday night.


At 8:32 PM, Blogger Paige said...

aww thanks for the birthday wishes, I would more than love to come to NYC, it's my first choice anyways, I love the city. :)


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