Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Still home sick...actually feeling a little worse than yesterday. The fever may have gone down a bit, but now I got a nasty cough and a real bad on again-off again headache. Fortunately Law and Order starts back up in a little bit, so I can settle in on the couch for the rest of the night. I know this is one of those easy obvious statements, like "MTV doesn't show any videos anymore!" but Law and Order is seriously on every day all day on TNT. I watched 2 episodes yesterday from like 3-5, then dozed off for a bit, then there were 3 more from 8-11 before I went to bed! And they were all really good ones too!

So anyway...some notes from over the last few days...

The biggest problem with New Years eve shows is that it's really hard to recap the show after, cause you're likely completely blacked out by the time the bands go on. I substituted pictures for words for the Truckers show for a reason. Anyway, Spinich Dip attended the Mercury Lounge show for NYE, and gives a nice rundown of the evening. Check it.

The Big Ticket recently completed a mix of songs from the last year. It's not the most obscure stuff, but that’s kinda why I dig it. Like it or not, the year in music was DEFINED by songs like "Somebody Told Me" and "Float On". They deserve some props, even from those who could name some more out-there shit. He even nailed my favorite "Antics" song, C'mere. An A+ mix…

Peter Doherty not only survives New Years eve, but shows up to all 4(!) of his solo gigs on New Years Eve. Props dude...keep it up. And come to NYC some time...We'd like to say hi.

Finally, Gothamist reminded me that Modest Mouse is playing at the bait shop this Thursday at 8, Which reminded me that new TV is back on for a while starting now. A new Lost is on tomorrow, then The OC Thursday, and finally Carnivalle and 24 start back up on Sunday night. Looking forward to it all.

OK...back to the couch. Later.


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thanks for the plug. glad you like.


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