Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Elkland Information Explosion!

Via Coolfer, I see that Elkland has a new website up, and has posted some information regarding upcoming releases and stuff...

The Single for "Apart" is available on Rhapsody, iTunes, etc. NOW. If you didn't download it for free while it was on their site for the last 8 months, drop the $.99 and check it out ASAP.

The CD single will be released Feb. 1st, and contains the original version of 'Apart', as well as a remix, a b-side called 'I Think I Hate Her', an album track called 'Every Time You Tell Me That You Love Me', and a cover of the Cranberries’ song "Salvation". I'm excited to hear the other songs, tho I remember not being a huge fan of their Salvation cover from the last time I saw them do it. Whatever, it'll be good to finally hear some new recorded material.

There will also be a 7" and 12" vinyl release for those who are into that kind of stuff.

Their LONG anticipated full release is set for "late winter", which i assume means end of February/early March.

In news that makes the videogame nerd in me excited, the video for Apart (currently being filmed) will be featured in an upcoming EA sports FIFA Soccer game. It appears the song and video will be a part of the upcoming game, Fifa Street. EA has previously tapped bands such as Stellastarr, The Scissor Sisters, The Futureheads, Jonny Lives, The Mooney Suzuki and my favorite, Good Charlotte to be in their games, all before the masses had caught on. This is a good thing, I swear.

Finally, in news that somehow didn't make their website, they will be playing at the Knitting Factory this Friday night around midnight along with Black Cat Revolver, Junior Sanchez, Output, The Tarts of Pleasure, and more.... I will never not recommend going to one of their be there if you can make it.


At 3:54 PM, Blogger Tom Berman said...

Could Tarts Of Pleasure be a play on the Franz Ferd song title? No way, right?

At 3:56 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

You got it!


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