Thursday, January 06, 2005

Thursday Bleh

Shitty day...Quick notes.

Looks like Ambulance Ltd. is playing tomorrow night at Mercury Lounge instead of Giraffe. Wow, haven't thought about them in a while. Good band tho, may go check them out. I'd expect the place to fill up once the word gets around, so it'd be a good idea to get there early. They go on at around 11:00.

This is a great idea...Muse is making their rehearsal space also function as a small venue. They'll be inviting friends, people on message boards, whoever to come watch them try out some of their new shit. I smell a documentary...
They also stated they wanna come back to America and tour some of those 'berserk' red states...Idaho, Texas...whatever. I think the nearest red state to here is Virginia, no? Anybody up for a road trip?

Also, anyone going down to SXSW? The cost is pretty steep, and most of those bands will or have already come through NYC, so I don’t think I'll make the trip. Saving up for a big European Festival and Coachella. Would love to go back to Oxegen, but Ian Brown, Prodigy and the Foo Fighters are not enough to get me out there...yet.

That’s it for now...gotta finish up at work and go home for the OC...


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