Sunday, January 16, 2005

Late Saturday Post

The Plug Awards got quite a diverse lineup. The previously announced Dillinger Escape Plan and Ted Leo are now joined by RJD2 and Aesop Rock at Webster Hall on Feb. 9th. That touches on some of the biggest indie metal, rock, electronica and rap acts around right now...good stuff. Tickets are available now.

By the way, these are the only awards that'll recognize shit like Bloc Party, Arcade Fire and, so we should act like it means something cause they have good taste in music and its nice to see our favorite bands get some props.

Caught the Dears, who are awesome, but their live show kind of dragged on a bit by the end. Saints and Lovers were superb, and Benzos was OK...I can never totally get into them.

Got to the Tribeca Grand just as the Kaiser Chiefs finished, but my buddy Jack was there earlier and said they were really fucking good. Oh well. I got a feeling about these guys...sorry I missed it.

Off to ski tomorrow morning...I'll be at MH 1.5 Monday night. Lata.


At 12:01 PM, Blogger jennypenny1200 said...

Saints and lovers are overhyped and way over the top in that pretentious wanna be arty kind of way. Their big claim to fame seems to be the blogger girl endorsement.
Thanks but no thanks.

At 2:21 PM, Blogger ocular spectra said...

damn. i have a kinder review of their recent pianos show up at:
they're not brilliant (yet) but quite talented. listen to the mp3s on their site and give them time.


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