Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's ok dude...I'd be in love with her too

I think only children are the only ones who aren't squeamish about that step-sister stuff.

Lost is making 24 look bad. This year I've called every "shocking" twist on 24 right away. For Lost, it's all speculation. I mean, as soon as I heard the words "No Blood Relation" come out of the cop's mouth at the police station, ideas started racing through my head, especially because I had thought they were dating for like the first 6 episodes. But I couldn't have called it right then and there. No way. Then at the end, I was pretty sure she was dead...even tho in the back of my mind I sorta knew he may have been imagining it all. That's good writing...keeps you thinking. 24 these days just keeps you watching. Great episode, great show.

So I had a shitty day yesterday at work, and as much as I wanted to see Tegan and Sara, I just couldn't make it back out. Too bad. I'm sure it was great.

I listened, for the first time, to the Fiery Furnaces EP this morning and instantly dug it. The songs blend in and out of each other like their live shows do, and they are all matched up real well. I think this one is gonna be in my rotation for while...really catchy, interesting stuff.

The Dears show is coming up Saturday. If anybody hasn't heard their album yet, you can stream the whole thing for free from New Music Canada. You'll love it, I swear.

Did anybody else hear that Don King is suing ESPN for 2.5 BILLION dollars!?!? Apparently he thinks that their SportsCentury feature portrayed him as a thug. Go figure. That a convicted murderer was portrayed in such a way...idiot.

Am I the only person who thinks the iPod shuffle is a complete piece of garbage??? I mean, flash players are nice, but there are a million better out there. If it only had a screen, I'd be jumping on the bandwagon for its low price and high capacity, but leaving off a way to see which song is on is unacceptable. And naming it The iShuffle, pretending that the purpose of the device is that you don't know what's next, is just sneaky and misleading to the fact that it's a half-ass product. I'd expect better from Apple.

(instructions on how to make your own iShuffle via Gizmodo)

One noteworthy show, being dubbed "intimate" by the Bowery people, is New Found Glory at Webster Hall. Eisley is opening for them. I hear the kids love these guys. Tickets go on sale today at noon...I can't figure out why, but I kinda wanna go to this. I don't think I could name 3 of their songs. I sorta like Eisley, but that’s hardly an excuse.


At 11:57 AM, Blogger holmes said...

i'm so upset eisley is opening for new found glory. can that really be true? eisley are so fantastic, they deserve to still be opening for coldplay, not a shitty mall-teen band.

At 12:00 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

Hey, exposure is exposure...get those kiddies to hear some good shit can't hurt.

At 7:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think you might like this band. they're called The Hair and they are catchy.
listen to "left foot, right foot" and "brick supply." fun :)


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