Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Getting my PLJ on...

Today I moved into my new office, which I am sharing with one of the most annoying and awful people I've ever met. And yes she may read this over my shoulder, and no, I couldn’t care less. She's only working here for another 2 weeks.

Anyway...she got down here before me (cause I had work to do, and she just blew hers off to get the move on) and had her ghetto little clock radio set and playing PLJ jams. Yippie. The Killers were just on, and that brought out a bright little moment in an otherwise cold and dreary day.

So in honor on the worst day I've had at my already pretty miserable job, I'm going straight home after work, crawling under the covers, turning off the lights, and playing Resident Evil 4 non-stop till I pass out. The Hold Steady can go on without me, and Clap your Hands...will have to wait till next week.

Sleater Kinney tickets are on sale now for their shows at Mercury Lounge March 3rd and 4th.

ToTC reports that the Central Village club Plaid is going out of business, to which I say good riddance. Tho my only experience actually going there, (My birthday during CMJ) was a generally positive one, I don't think we need any more beatings and stabbings going on in the hood. I'm sure whatever is going to replace it is gonna be equally slimy, but I'm curious to see what we'll get.

Finally, big news...Bloc Party announces their tour dates, and we get two sets at Bowery on April 7th and 8th. I can't wait. (via MOST Cowbell, natch)


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